The Royal Montreal Regiment Museum was opened on September 20th, 1974 by Brigadier W.S.G. Armour, MBE, Colonel of the Prince of Wales Own Regiment of Yorkshire, on the occasion of the Regiment’s 60th Anniversary reunion.

The mission of the RMR Museum is to preserve the history of the Regiment through the collection and display of military artefacts, books, documents, pictures, posters, movies, film, etc. and all other pertinent matter.

The RMR Museum’s collection is perpetually on display in a room dedicated to this purpose located at the west end of the parade square. The RMR has a wonderful museum with many artifacts from WWI and WWII – as well as displays from every modern conflict that members of the Regiment have been deployed on, up to and including Afghanistan. There are medal displays of Regimental heroes, diaries, uniforms, equipment and weapons. Through this history the spirit of those RMR comrades who have served before us lives on and sets the standard.

The museum is open on Saturdays from 1300 to 1500 and on Tuesdays from 1900 to 2130. It is located on the left from the entrance at the end of the Parade Square. To arrange a private visit email