The RMR Foundation has commissioned an author, Mr. Alan Hustak, to write the RMR’s Centennial history book. It will be an illustrated history book of approximately 20,000 words and 200 illustrations and published as a ‘coffee-table’ book. The aim of the book is to tell the story of the RMR using the characters of the Regiment, essentially as a ‘series of vignettes connected by the golden thread of chronology’ and illustrated with photos, sketches, and maps that will best emphasize the point of the story. The book will be divided roughly equal in four sections, with illustrations to support each section.

Section 1 – The Great War and building of the Armoury (1914 – 25) Section 2 – Second World War period (1925 – 45) Section 3 – Cold War, post WW2 (1945 – 89) Section 4 – Peace Support Operations (1989 – 2014) Book launch is scheduled for November 2015 as part of the closing of the Regiment’s Centennial period.  Pre-orders will be announced via this website.